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Yes - Reindeer are Real!

Are Reindeer just Caribou?

Reindeer look a lot like their wild North American cousins, the caribou, but are somewhat (8-10 inches) shorter, and there is a difference in color. Reindeer are believed by many to be the first domesticated animals with a written reference to herding in a 9th century letter from Norway’s King Ottar to Alfred the Great which mentioned his fine herd of over 600 reindeer.  (Source: Reindeer Owners and Breeders Association)

Do they really fly?

If you believe in the spirit of Christmas, yes they do. But, only Santa has the magic dust to make them fly! Our reindeer are in training year-round in the hopes of someday being chosen to fly Santa's sleigh. You can rent reindeer in Colorado and see them in person.

What do Reindeer eat?

They eat grasses, mosses, ferns, and herbs. They also like the shoots and leaves of shrubs and trees.

Those antlers - Do only the boys get them?

No. Unlike deer and elk, the females and males grow antlers. While both shed them annually, the bulls drop them in December and the girls (cows) drop them in April or May after they give birth to new babies each year.

baby reindeer for sale colorado
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Interesting Facts about Reindeer

  • Reindeer legs make a clicking sound. Experts say it helps keep a herd together in snowstorms and foggy weather.

  • Reindeer have hair on their noses. They are the only deer with hair from nose to hooves!

  • Excitable, hungry baby reindeer sound like geese honking!

  • They have two coat layers to keep them warm - a wool-like undercoat and guard hairs.

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