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Meet  Our Herd

We currently have six reindeer and they each have their own unique personalities.  While most have a herd mentality, some like to spend time with a favorite friend. They enjoy walks, raisins and lots of love. Tame and talented, these magnificent creatures keep us excited for what is in store each and every day! They are truly magical year-round.


Holly Sept_edited.jpg

Birthday: April 18, 2019
Holly was the first girl in the herd to capture Chris's heart
Holds title for 2nd smallest
of the herd

Personality: Sweet. So sweet.

Celebrity Look-a-Like:
Amy Adams

Favorite Holiday Song:
"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

First Born's Name: Cranberry
Second Born's Name:  Zory



Birthday: April 12, 2019

Named by Chris because she "looks so happy!"

Joy is the "big" girl on the block 

Personality: Kind and generous with smiles

Celebrity Look-a-like:
Julia Roberts

Favorite Holiday Song: 
"Joy to the World"

First Born's Name: Buddy
Second Born's Name:
Mr. Jingles


Savannah kisses Maddi Sept 2022.jpg

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Born running (up and running one hour after her birth)

Our daughter Maddi named her 

Personality: Spirited & Spunky (like our daughter)

Future: Moxie Mama. Born to fly.

2021 "Oscar" Award Winner for best actress & mother

First Born's Name:  Otto
Second Born's Name:  Socks



April 6th baby

Named for her beautiful markings - she looks like a movie star.

The girl is a born leader.

Favorite Holiday Song:
Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Soul Sister:
Lindsey Vonn

Future: Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh.


Wishes Sept_edited.jpg

Another Easter Baby
The most curious, playful reindeer in the herd.
Nickname: Halter Houdini

First Born's Name:  Starla


Her pastimes include swimming, kickball and running.
Favorite Movie: A Christmas Story
Favorite Holiday Song:  I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause


Stay Tuned for Photo

I'm a May 2023 baby.

Named for his pleasantness and demeanor. (and it rhymes with his mom's name)

Personality:  This boy is sweet and oh so curious!

Status: It's complicated. 

POV:  Surrounded by females who want nothing to do with me until fall.

Favorite Song:  Looking for Love (in all the wrong places)

Future: Father to many.

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